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What’s the cored wire extrusion line?

The Cored wire extrusion line is professional equipment used for producing cored wire. Its main function is to press powdered alloy materials into a steel tube core to create a cored wire. This equipment is efficient, stable, and reliable, suitable for the production of various specifications and requirements of the cored wire. The Cored wire extrusion line uses advanced control technology and protective devices to ensure the safety of operators and the stable operation and high efficiency of the equipment. It is an essential piece of equipment in cored wire production, effectively improving the quality and production efficiency of cored wire.

cored wire extrusion line
cored wire extrusion line

The list of the Whole line:


  1. Motorized pay-off rack: controls the speed and tension of the wire spool, ensuring smooth entry of wire into the next production step.
  2. Copper wire pre-heater: used to preheat the copper wire, reducing its hardness and making it easier to stretch and process.
  3. Straighten platform: used to straighten the copper wire for the next step in processing.
  4. Main motor (free-adjustable): controls the operation of the entire production line, achieving automated production.
  5. Automatic dryer and hopper: used to dry the powder material and convey it into the steel tube core of the next step.
  6. Electric apparatus main control cabinet (PLC): controls the operation and parameter setting of the entire production line.
  7. Movable water trough: used to cool the cored wire and prevent deformation during processing.
  8. Laser diameter gauge: used to detect the diameter of the cored wire, ensuring the quality of the wire.
  9. High-speed printing machine: used to print production batch numbers and specifications.
  10. Fixed water trough: used to cool the cored wire and ensure its quality.
  11. Double-wheel capstan: used to control the tension of the cored wire, ensuring the quality of wire processing.
  12. Horizontal wire accumulator: used to collect and maintain the stability of the cored wire.
  13. Power frequency sparker: used to form a protective layer on the cored wire, improving its quality and service life.
  14. Double-shaft take-up machine: used to wind the wire into a reel, facilitating subsequent transportation and use.

Overview of available models:


machine type HK-65 HK-70 HK-80 HK-90A HK-90B HK-120 HK-150 HK-200
pay-off shaft double-shaft type 800-1600 1000-2000 1600-2500 1600-3150
screw diameter ø65 ø70 ø80 ø90 ø120 ø150 ø200
screw L/D 25:01:00
MAX. extrusion output 130kg/h 150kg/h 200kg/h 250kg/h 280kg/h 400kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h
motor power 25HP 30HP 40HP 50HP 60HP 70HP 100HP 150HP
wire diameter ø1.2-10mm ø1.5-12mm ø2.0-20mm ø3.0-25mm ø10-40mm ø15-60mm ø30-120mm above ø40mm
cooling device single layer/double layers U type single layer U type
haul-off power 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 10HP
MAX. line speed 500m/min 450m/min 400m/min 200m/min 100m/min 60m/min 60m/min
take-up type/power double-shaft bundle packaging ø1000mm-2000mm ø1600mm-2500mm ø1600mm-3150mm ø2000mm-3500mm


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