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Hussien He

Hussien He

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Hongkai was Deal $701014 with Africa Client, let's see how we help them to start the fiber optic cable business.

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how do they find us?

I vaguely remember that it was a night in India, we had just returned to the hotel with tired bodies when we received a call from a friend in Guangzhou. They claimed to be a trader and had an African customer who had been cooperating with us for many years and wanted to renovate the factory. They needed a detailed quotation and a complete set of equipment.

We held the mentality of “talk about no money, talk about no life” and spent the whole night preparing the full specification and prices.

Deal with $701014 Dolls contract

In the following week, we finalized our contract with a list of equipment. We determined what was needed for each detail and planned how it would be obtained in order to save time on delivery or installation later down this road-to ensure no issues come up during operation due to their lackluster preparation phase!

The specific equipment list is as follows:

1HK-235 Optical Fiber Coloring And Rewinding Machine2sets
2HK-50 PLC+IPC control 1-2 fibers FTTH drop cable/Simplex duplex cable/2-24 core distribution cable production line1set
3HK-30 IPC+PLC control tight buffer fiber production line1set
4HK-50 PLC+IPC control Loose tube bundling production line with semi-automatic take up 2sets
5HK-800-12 PLC+IPC control SZ stranding machine production line1set
6HK-90 PLC+IPC control outdoor optical cable sheathing production line + HK-24 heads Aramid stranding machine2sets
7Test Equipment full set. Testing 12ways (tensile performance/abrasion/crush/cut-through resistance/impact/repeated bending/torsion/flexing/kink/bend/temperance cycling/water penetration)1set
8Vertical burning testing machine1set
9Nitrogen making machine1set
10Ink-jet printer1set
11Yokogawa brand ODTR1set
12Air compressor-50KW1set
contract details

On-time production + delivery of equipment

In just 90 days, we were able to deliver all products seamlessly and with the least amount of hassle.

advanced payment

Of course, the process isn’t always smooth. Because of this epidemic and many components being pricier during outbreak times we had to order more than what is usually bought at market prices which opened up a 10% discount on our end for ensured enjoyment with customers in accordance with regulations

How to start a thriving fiber optic cable industry with our help

Get the goods

The production line layout drawings are a great way for customers to place each piece of equipment according to the placement. The first step in this process is having an experienced professional produce them, which saves time and money!

full outdoor machines' layout

Beautify factory & Re-installation

We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. And we’re not just talking about the quality of our products or service: It’s also how they’re given, and what you see when walking through these doors – from decor upgrades all way down to renovated facilities!

Reorganization + Training

Yes, the eye can deceive you, the line looks installed, but it still needs to be refined. the whole line is placed on a horizontal line and the circuits/water lines are connected.

Now that the equipment has been fully tested and arranged, we can start to analyze it. We’ll let workers learn how so they are prepared when necessary a perfect test would give us an idea of what needs fixing or improving without wasting time with unnecessary steps

Start the machine, Get the Money

The African customers started their own production under the one-year technical guidance of our engineers, congratulations!

These client are majoy produce the Indoor/outdoor optical cables, The video above is the outdoor equipment production line.

Final Words

The picture is a group photo of the factory owner and our engineer

We previously wrote an article about the need to invest in the fiber optic cable industry in Africa, and this is a good illustration of the foresight of this customer.

Africa is a land of opportunity and if you are looking to start a new cable industry, we would love to hear from you. With the population growth in Africa and increasing demand for bandwidth, there has never been a better time to invest in this burgeoning market. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started.

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