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chromatorgraphy of fiber core

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We all know that in the fiber optic cable, more cores are used to distinguish the difference between different cables with color, today we will introduce in detail all the colors in the fiber.

At present, the color of the optical fiber and fiber casing within the fiber optic cable is generally identified by full chromatography, and the use of natural color is allowed without affecting the identification.

I. The chromatography of Loose Tube and Fibe Core

The chromatographic arrangement of the loose tube within a general fiber optic cable and the chromatographic arrangement of the fiber within the loose tube is shown below:

1.Chromatographic arrangement in loose tube sleeves (international fiber chromatography)

chromatorgraphy of fiber core
chromatography of fiber core


(1) When the number of loose tube fiber cores is less than 12 cores, the chromatograms are continuously taken from No. 1.

(2) In the standard chromatogram, No. 6 white can be replaced by natural color, which is called standard chromatogram W.

(3) The chromatogram can be made according to customer requirements.

2.Chromatographic arrangement of the loose tube in the layer-stranding cable

Pilot chromatography

tube color serial code
tube color serial code


(1) when there has a ripper rope inside the cable core of Pilot chromatography, the ripper rope is arranged close to the red tube, except for special requirements.

(2) When there is only one loose tube in the Pilot chromatography cable core, the loose tube is generally green, except for special requirements.

Full chromatography

tube color serial code chromatography
tube color serial code chromatography

II.Optical fiber ribbon chromatographic identification

BELLCORE’s national standard fiber core sequence is:

Blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, cyan;

The color scale must comply with the Munsell color scale, which is also the most comprehensively implemented color scale arrangement in the world.

National standard full-color spectrum: blue, orange, green, brown, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, and cyan. The loose tube sequence is the same.

III.Optical cable sequence chromatogram arrangement optical fiber chromatogram

Optical cable sequence chromatogram arrangement Optical fiber chromatogram 1# -12# are generally blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, and light green.

  • If the optical cable is less than 12 Cores, it can be installed with a loose tube;
  • If the optical fiber cable needs more than 12 Cores fiber, you must use more than two loose tubes. The starting loose tube is generally red, followed by green, and then white 1, white 2, white 3…,
  • If it is 144 Cores, use 12 loose tubes, each loose tube 12 fiber Cores. This kind of optical cable is made of multiple bundle tubes twisted together, which is also called stranded optical cable.

The sequence of the national standard fiber core is: blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink, cyan, natural color; the sequence of the loose tube is: red from white to white.

IV. Examples

  • 4 cores.

4 core is blue / orange / green / brown

No need to mark the color of the bundle tube.

  • 12 cores.

Blue / orange / green / brown / gray / white / red / black / yellow / purple / pink / green

Use one tube.

16 cores.

(blue/orange/green/brown) × blue




followed by the bundle color.

  • 24 cores.


(blue/orange/green/brown/gray/white) × orange

(blue/orange/green/brown/gray/white) × green


The latter is the bundle tube color.

  • 48 cores.

(blue/orange/green/brown/gray/white/red/black/yellow/purple/pink/cyan) × blue

(blue/orange/green/brown/gray/white/red/black/yellow/purple/pink/cyan) × orange



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