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Hussien He

Hussien He

In this article, we present an analysis of the economic development of Bangladesh, click for more information

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Economic situation

Bangladesh’s economy is a developing market economy. which is the 39th largest country and the 30th largest purchasing power parity in the world. It is included as a middle-income economy and frontier market in the next 11 emerging markets.

When Bangladesh first became a nation in 1971, it was living like a pauper. The GDP growth rate was -14 per cent, political unrest, floods and famine had hit the country hard.

Things have changed. According to the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh now has an average growth rate of 8%, much higher than the Asian average.

GDP Growth Rate 2020

Since 1975, Bangladesh has been listed as one of the least developed countries in the world. but its current development trajectory seems that this description may disappear by 2024.

A decline in population growth is also helping an increase in per capita income. The number of employed workers living below the poverty line dropped from 73.5% in 2010 to 10.4% in 2018.

per capita, human assets, and resilience to economic and environmental shocks are enough to achieve sustainable development.
Bangladesh was ranked 105th in the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 by the World Economic Forum. The more competitive a country is, the more likely it is to improve its standard of living.

The importance of communication in development

With the rapid development of the information industry, communication technology, as the core technology of the information industry, has achieved unprecedented development. There is no suspense. The series of social information it brings has also affected and changed people’s daily work and lifestyle. Let us prove it with a very obvious example.

History of mobile communications 1G⤍2G⤏3G⤑4G⤐5G

1G voice era
(1G is the first generation mobile communication system)

2G text era
(From 1G to 2G, it is from analogue modulation to digital modulation. In comparison, the second generation of mobile communication has a high degree of confidentiality, and the capacity of the system is also increasing.)

3G picture era
(Under 3G, with high bandwidth and stable transmission, video telephony and large amounts of data transmission are more common, and mobile communications have more diverse applications.)

4G video era
(With 4G refers to the fourth-generation wireless cellular phone communication protocol. it has the characteristics of faster speed, flexible communication; high intelligence; high-quality communication; low cost, and can meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless services.)

5G X era

(5G, the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, ITU divides 5G application scenarios into two categories: mobile Internet and Internet of Things.)

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