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About Me

Yo, Since you have clicked here, I shamelessly think you must be very interested in me, so please continue to look down!🤪

Hussien he

Why me call " Hussien "?

My Chinese name is:’ Huixiang He’, I am a post-95 who started the foreign trade industry from 2017

In fact, I just used ‘English Software Generator’ to enter my Chinese name and it gave me this name directly: “Hussien He”, although I didn’t know what the special meaning of this name was at that time, but I gladly accepted this name.

Many customers later asked: Why are you called by this name, are you a Muslim? That’s when I realized the origin of the name, that he was one of the sons of Mohammed. It is of Arabic origin, Hussein means “good; little handsome one”. It was originally a pet form of Hasan. A prominent figure in Shiite Islam and a royal name in Jordan. American President Barack Hussein. Variant transcription of HUSAYN.

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How did Hussien create this website?

2019 exposure to the advantages of an independent site, enrollment in the best courses in the country and the creation of the initial version of the website.

2020 precipitated the updating of the website content template due to the epidemic.

2021 attended the best domestic SEO course in order to provide better quality content to clients.


Why Build this website?

Yes, that’s right, everything you can see on this site was built by me with one stroke. Although we have a nine-year-old Alibaba 

But as the number of suppliers grew, so did the number of unqualified manufacturers, including some traders and small start-ups.

When customers have more and more choices to make, they are confused, and each time they ask the same question:

How should I choose the right line?

“What is the difference between each type of cable?” 

“Where do I need raw materials to produce these cables?” etc.

And when I searched Google for relevant information, there was simply no article or report that could solve these problems well, so I set up this website and began to write some articles, guidance program, although now is not very perfect, but my only purpose is to be able to let the customer in this website can answer all his doubts!!!

Hussien He

Final Word

I will continue to update the industry-related content here, and if you have a topic you want to know about or want to contact me, here is my contact information.



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